Returning Hearts
Family Restoration

Returning Hearts focuses on creating an environment of reconciliation between inmate parents and their children.

Returning Hearts Celebration is an event that unites children and their fathers and mothers for an unforgettable day of games, food, relationship building and Bible teaching. For one day each year, fathers and mothers can be real parents to their children.

Most importantly, the inmate parent is given the opportunity to reconcile with their child by asking for their forgiveness and inviting them to accept Christ’s offer of salvation This begins the healing process, breaking the power of sin and the cycle of crime.

Returning Hearts Celebrations are run and managed by local churches. If you would like more information about starting a Celebration in your area, contact us today!
Inmate Dad and Child

Returning Hearts
  • Returning Hearts is a celebration to bring children into prison to meet with their incarcerated parent.
  • Parents are instructed that God expects them to reach out and teach their children about Christ.
  • The gospel message is presented before the conclusion of the celebration, and the inmates are prompted to talk with their children about becoming a Christ follower.

Returning Hearts
  • The incarcerated parent is encouraged to complete Awana Lifeline materials and understand the reason for having this celebration. While completing the Awana Lifeline curriculum is not a requirement it is strongly encouraged. Completing the curriculum gives the inmate parent tools to reach out to their children.
  • Each prison/jail sets up the requirements for inmates to participate (class participation, behavior, etc.)
  • Prisons can also decide if grandchildren, nieces and nephews would be allowed to attend.
  • Hosting ministries/churches should spend time prior to the Returning Hearts Celebration with the inmate parent teaching them how to share the Gospel with their children as well as teaching them how to ask for forgiveness.

Returning Hearts
  • To participate in the Lifeline programs (Malachi Dads/Hannah's Gift)
  • Be an example to their children by exhibiting good behavior