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In the Spring and the Fall of 2016: 150 Cuban Chaplains were trained to how to teach Malachi Dads and Hannah’s Gift Bible classes in prisons.  The goal is to lead moms and dads to have a personal faith in Christ.  As faith in Christ is established, the next step is to reconnect inmate dads and moms to their respective children.  The ultimate goal here is to lead their children to have a personal faith in Christ.

Since the winter of 2017 over 100 inmates have heard the gospel.  Some powerful results from God’s Word being taught are listed below:

  • 30 families received the Program Malachi Dads and Hannah’s gift, 24 out of them gave profession of faith.

  • We could distribute the books Malachi Dads and Hannah’s gift in the men and women prisons with tremendous joy and reception in Guantánamo province, since the beginning. Many inmates have begun to communicate through letters with their children and they testify that they have expressed their hidden feelings of love which they did not know how to express, and they have received answers and amazement that they did not expect.

  • In the men’s prison, a son wrote to his father. Previously, they had not had communication for years. This provoked his father decided to visit him, and he received courage and new strength to keep forward. Also his faith was strengthen, because there was answer to his daily prayers.

  • I thank the Lord because I began to write to my two daughters following the instructions of the book Hannah’s gift. I thank the Lord because He is helping us in such a way that through it I began a new relation of love and I feel them closer to me the same as Jesus. I made a drawing and a poem to each one of them. They did the same with me and they brought me cards the day that I was visited. I felt very happy and it strengthened me to continue in this dark place where the only Light that shines lives in me. The same way that Ana trusted in the Lord, I ask God for help for not denying Him and remain in Him and His Word remains in me. Glory to God. May God bless this Chaplaincy Ministry.

  • I thank the Lord because the Program of Malachi Dads is full of treasures. It is a source of teachings where fathers like me who had lost everything and who was not a good example to my family and especially to my children. I think that this is an opportunity of God to learn to behave like the father that I should be.

  • In the rest of the prisons informed we have seen the power of God, two of the inmates of the prison called Las Minaz have reconciled with their children, who they had completely abandoned.