Our Team
Mike Broyles – Executive Director

Mike Broyles
How to contact Mike
E: mikeb@awana.org
P: 661-816-8081
Mike has a passion for bringing the gospel message to inmate fathers and mothers. He believes that as these men and woman are reconciled to Christ they can begin the journey of reconciliation with their children.

Through Awana Lifeline, Mike is spreading the Malachi Dads program for male inmates and the Hannah's Gift program for incarcerated mothers to prisons and jails across the United States and into the Dominican Republic and Canada.

Mike has been involved in prison and jail since 2008. Mike has seen and continues to see broken families made whole through the Malachi Dads, Hannah's Gift programs and the Returning Hearts Celebration.

Alexander Yim – National Director

Alexander Yim
How to contact Alexander
E: alexandery@awana.org
Alex retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in 2014 after 32 years of service, ending his career as the Division Chief over the Los Angeles County Jail System. While in his leadership role in the jail system, he was one of the chief architects of Education Based Incarceration, redefining the correctional environment through educational and faith-based programming.

Alex Yim is the National Director of Awana Lifeline. In this role, Alex will be the primary spokesperson and liaison with local and State government, public safety and community members for Awana Lifeline.

Alex and his wife, Janis, live in Southern California and attend a local church. They are the proud parents of three grown children and have been blessed with eight beautiful grandchildren.

Hector Cedillo – Spanish Ministry (Los Angeles County Jail)

Hector Cedillo
How to contact Hector
E: hector@awana.org
P: 323-715-1320
Hector heads up the Malachi Dads programs for the Spanish speaking population in the Los Angeles County Jail system. He oversees administration of both the Malachi Dads program at 2 of the 7 jails. By clearly communicating the vision of the Awana Lifeline programs, Hector has garnered the support of local churches to provide teachers and curriculum for these programs. He in turns provides training and mentoring to those who volunteer to teach.

Hector became involved with Awana Lifeline in 2011 while working for World Impact under Mike Broyles. At that time, Mike directed Hector to start a Spanish Malachi Men's program at the Pitchess South facility.

Janiece Dixon – Office Administrator

Janiece Dixon
How to contact Janiece
E: janieced@awana.org
P: 661-670-9411
With her enthusiasm for people and her passion for children's ministries, Janiece is a perfect fit for her role as Office Administrator. In this role she manages several responsibilities including being the Assistant to the Executive Director of Lifeline.

Each year, at the Returning Hearts Celebration for the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic, California, Janiece gets to combine her love for cooking with her ministry work by helping to prepare the meals that are served during the Guardian program.

Jeff Steele – Director - Los Angeles County Jail Ministry

Jeff Steele
How to contact Jeff
E: jeffreys@awana.org
P: 661-313-4655
Jeff oversees all of the Awana Lifeline activities associated with the Los Angeles County Jail system in California. His primary goal is to make sure that as many inmates as possible are touched by Awana Lifeline's ministry platforms. In order to accomplish this, he coordinates the use of prison facilities for classrooms, recruits and trains teachers, and monitors the teaching within the jails.

Jeff has a real heart for the inmates, meeting them at their level to counsel and guide them as they grow in their knowledge of the gospel and come to personal relationship with the Lord.

Julie Stagno – Director of Woman's Reentry

Julie Stagno
How to contact Julie
E: juliedawnws@yahoo.com
P: 661-714-0436
Julie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is experienced in providing treatment for chemical dependency as well as administering school-based counseling. Her love for children and her heart for women and families has led her to serve in the Hannah's Gift program.

The Lord led her to Awana Lifeline; a place where her professional experience and her faith can work together to affect true heart change in the lives of the previously incarcerated. Her desire to come alongside the women, families, and children for the equipping of the saints is indeed a calling and blessing from the Lord.

Mike Cherry – Site Director (Men's Central Jail, Los Angeles, CA)

Mike Cherry
How to contact Mike
E: michaelc@awana.org
P: 562-842-6553
Mike is honored and privileged to share the Gospel of Christ to incarcerated men in the Los Angeles & Orange County jails. Mike's heart reaches out to these men, who God loves and has not given up on, that they may be transformed by the riches of His grace to be the 'Men of God' they are called to be. His hope and goal is that true transformation takes place and they become godly husbands, fathers, and family leaders.

Mike has been teaching Malachi Dads in Los Angeles County since 2011 and his wife Judi has been teaching Hannah's Gift to the women of Orange County since 2012. Mike and Judi both believe God is doing an amazing work in the jails and prisons, and that such work will overflow into the surrounding communities by bringing families back together - just as Christ intended.

Raymond Cruz – Director of Reentry Services (Los Angeles, CA)

Raymond Cruz
How to contact Raymond
E: raymondc@awana.org
P: 805-432-8209
Ray is committed to working with the formerly incarcerated inmates of the Los Angeles County Jail system in order to successfully reintegrate them back into society. His hope is that upon returning to their communities and family, they are able to reestablish healthy relationships and continue the process of reconciliation started by the Awana Lifeline programs in the jails and prisons.

Ray's current role as Awana Lifeline's Director of Reentry Services enables him to apply many of the skills necessary to work with the formerly incarcerated, local governments, and community agencies.

Raymond Thompson – Facilities Director (Twin Towers, Los Angeles, CA)

Raymond Thompson
How to contact Raymond
E: raymondt@awana.org
P: 626-376-8330
Ray has served as the Malachi Dads facilitator at the Twin Towers correctional facility in downtown Los Angeles and at Pitches Detention Center in Castaic, California.

Ray is passionate about the goal of the Malachi Dads ministry to impact the family members of incarcerated men. He understands that as a man's heart is changed, his family members begin to see their son, father, brother in a different light and their hearts begin to change as well.